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Gulf of Mexico SPAN Programs

Use the map above to select a SPAN

The Gulf of Mexico programs form a mega-regional seismic study offering explorationists a truly continental-scale view of the entire Gulf of Mexico Basin. The interconnected dataset provides an extensive framework that is ideal for E&P companies that want to explore the entire Gulf of Mexico, identify areas for exploration expenditure and more accurately quantify relative exploration risk.

The suite of Gulf of Mexico programs include:

The Gulf of Mexico programs have greatly improved the ability to document marginal development, perform crustal reconstructions, and document the sedimentary filling history of the entire region. Deep imaging of crustal structures link robust, onshore sedimentary margins and pathways across the shelf into deep water, down through the abyssal plain and into the southern side of the basin.

Gulf of Mexico Seismic Data Example

The line below represents one of the longest lines within the Gulf of Mexico and extends from Mexico, to Texas and eastward to Florida.

Click on the data example to zoom and pan over the data.