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North America

As the demand for energy resources continues to increase and expanding exploration into frontier areas becomes more difficult, E&P companies need to search deeper for resources, extract more hydrocarbons from existing reservoirs, and improve production economics from unconventional reservoirs.

The North American region is extremely diverse. Third-party research suggests that there is a huge resource opportunity still to be tapped in the deep and ultra-deep Gulf of Mexico but legacy speculative data is insufficient to image these deep plays. While unconventional gas and tight oil plays in North America show significant reserve potential, there is often a lack of high-quality seismic data to help maximize returns on investment.

In response to customer demand for improved understanding of this region, ION designed the North America Seismic Data Program, comprised of both offshore and onshore, 2D BasinSPAN and 3D ResSCAN programs.

North America Seismic Data Programs



  • Marcellus Shale - programs include
    • AlleghenySCAN in West Virginia
    • LakeviewSCAN in northeastern Pennsylvania
    • ClearfieldSCAN in central Pennsylvania (~470 square miles)
  • Mississippi Lime 
    • BuffaloHornSCAN in northeastern Oklahoma (~178 square miles)
  • Niobrara Shale
    • BearCreekSCAN located in southeastern Wyoming (~200 square miles)
    • Durham RanchSCAN located in northwestern Colorado  (~ 25 square miles)