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North Vulcan 3D

The ION North Vulcan 3D reimaging program comprises full reprocessing and PreSDM imaging of 15 legacy 3D surveys covering approximately 17,000 square kilometers. This seamless dataset will provide a new level of understanding of the hydrocarbon potential of the northern Vulcan Sub-basin and Nancar Trough.

The new reprocessing builds upon the existing WestraliaSPAN framework and, when combined, allows G&G teams greater understanding of both the regional structural picture for play analysis and new prospect identification and quantification.

The Vulcan Sub-basin has proven oil and gas potential, with commercial production and many other discoveries. Proven source rocks include the Vulcan Formation and parts of the Plover Formation. A regional seal is provided by the Lower Cretaceous Echuca Shoal and Jamieson Formation. Reservoir units include the Challis, Nome, Plover, Montara and Puffin Formations as well as unnamed Tithonian sands. Traps include tilted fault blocks and horsts, and lowstand basin floor fans. The Swan and Paqualin graben form the major source kitchens in the Vulcan Sub-basin, containing mature oil- and gas-prone source rocks in the Jurassic lower Vulcan, Montara and Plover Formations.

To the northeast of the Vulcan Sub-basin, the Nancar Trough is one of a series of Paleozoic to Cenozoic depocentres that link and offset the Vulcan Sub-basin and the Malita and Calder graben rift systems. These synclines are likely to be the primary source kitchens for hydrocarbon accumulations on the adjacent Laminaria High, which is at the northern extent of the program.

Fast track products will enable rapid evaluation of upcoming acreage releases within the study area, as well as allowing existing permit holders to gain a head start on G&G studies.

Program Objectives

  • Improve image quality for better interpretation and understanding of the subsurface, particularly in the vicinity of salt and below carbonate build-ups
  • Facilitate mapping of active petroleum systems, develop new play concepts and identify prospects ahead of acreage releases
  • Provide uplift in imaging and resolution in a complex area at a fraction of new acquisition costs

Key Components

  • Seamless imaging of vintage surveys across northern Vulcan Sub-basin and Nancar Trough
  • Incorporate ION's regional knowledge gained from working WestraliaSPAN, the premier regional survey off NW Australia
  • Superior image quality obtained using a detailed anisotropic earth model and high-end PreSDM technology

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