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The offshore Indonesia area is vast and comprises several tectonic realms, including several microplates with different histories and basement types. It is believed to have significant hydrocarbon potential but the geology is not entirely understood. In an effort to help oil & gas companies evaluate the region's full potential, ION developed JavaSPAN.

JavaSPAN is a basin-wide, seismic data program and geologic study that extends from Madura Island, East Java to south of Sulawesi and north into the Makassar Straits. The program, consisting of nearly 10,000 km of high-quality 2D data, provides insight into the relationships between the basins, and it builds a consistent stratigraphic framework for a better understanding of new and existing play types.

Program Objectives

  • Provide insights into the distribution of basement rocks of various ages and enhance the understanding of the structural and thermal evolution of source-basins and the timing and location of hydrocarbon migration pathways
  • Tie key wells to develop a comprehensive tectono-stratigraphic framework
  • Improve the understanding of existing plays expose new plays, and sedimentary sub-basins in the region

Key Components

  • Program design and physical layout driven by known geology
  • Transects key geologic features, placing them in a basin-wide context
  • 18-second record and 9,000 m streamers
  • Integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation

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