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Working in conjunction with regional experts and a team of geoscientists, ION designed the ArafuraSPAN program to deeply image areas of the Arafura Sea from Seram around the Banda/Tanimbar Arch into offshore northern Australia. The program captures approximately 7,000 km of multi-client, 2D seismic data and delivers a better understanding of the Arafura Basin potential source-rock intervals. It also provides new insights into the petroleum system structures, reservoirs, and seal mechanisms of the area.

Program Objectives

  • Better understand the Mesozoic section, specifically Jurassic Sandstone reservoirs from the Bonaparte Basin, through the Banda Arch/Arafura Sea up to the discoveries in Tanggu, offshore Irian
  • Deliver new insights into the regional architecture
  • Tie Jurassic reservoirs between Indonesia and Australia
  • Examine new and existing play-types
  • Better understand general source, structure, reservoir and seal character
  • Establish total sediment thickness and regional stratigraphic framework
  • Ties key Bintuni wells as well as new discoveries off Irian Jaya

Key Components

  • Program design and layout are driven by known geology and client input providing a consistent seismic regional framework that ties into existing seismic lines
  • 18-second records, 9,000 m streamer
  • Integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation
  • Improved understanding of key geologic features, placing them in a basin-wide context

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