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NamibiaSPAN, a regional, basin-scale 2D seismic survey, is designed to image the basin architecture of the various basins along the Namibian margin and to constrain potential petroleum systems offshore western Africa. The survey comprises over 10,000 km of deep, long offset seismic reflection data and calibrates available offshore well data to key stratigraphic horizons, placing this part of the margin in a larger continental context.

The dataset is interpreted within the broader context of the conjugate margin of Brazil using recently acquired SPAN data in South America. The dataset allows geoscientists to evaluate both sides of the basin as it evolved and make predictions as to future potential.

Program Objectives

  • Span the continental margin from water depths of 20 m out to 3500 - 4000 m
  • Understand the limits of known petroleum systems
  • Define the crustal architecture of the basins
  • Define the extent and nature of the volcanic SDR packages and play potential below and within them
  • Explore for new play ideas
  • Aid in the understanding of the entire west African margin

Key Components

  • Newly acquired, high-quality seismic data with improved depth imaging
  • Ties key wells along new BasinSPAN lines and into the regional framework
  • Fully-integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation (seismic, well, gravity, magnetics data)
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