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Towed Streamer Positioning Systems

ION's comprehensive positioning portfolio is the most advanced and effective system available today. Setting the industry standard for over 20 years, the toolkit delivers reliable streamer positioning by integrating horizontal and vertical streamer movements with acoustic, source, receiver, compass heading, and speed measurements.

  • Automated, intelligent control of streamer separation, feather, turns and deployment/retrieval optimizes survey efficiency
  • Obstacle and tangle avoidance minimizes risk, downtime, and equipment costs
  • Dense, even spatial sampling and feather matching improves resolution and repeatability
  • Universal compatibility and variable configurations provide flexibility to best meet survey requirements
  • Distinct depth and lateral control eliminates steering compromises for unrivaled effectiveness

These systems are deployable on any cable anywhere in the world in any number of configurations, as tender requirements dictate:

  • DigiFIN lateral streamer control enables denser spatial sampling by maintaining tighter, more uniform cable separation and increases productivity with faster line changes and minimal infill.
  • DigiBIRD II maintains streamers at pre-defined target depths more safely, efficiently, and cost effectively than ever before by eliminating workboat operations for battery changes on the majority of seismic surveys.
  • CompassBIRD II combines DigiBIRD II's functionality with heading sensors for compass directionality.
  • DigiRANGE II provides greater positioning accuracy through acoustic range measurements.