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Orca Navigation System

Orca Navigation SystemION's industry-leading integrated navigation technology, Orca, combines acquisition, positioning, source, and QC systems' data management and control into a seamless platform.

Orca streamlines visibility and control to effectively execute challenging geometries and multi-vessel operations while delivering simple, efficient processes for 2D and 3D acquisition.

  • Simplifies and automates operations
  • Mitigates risks of obstructions and tangles
  • Increases efficiency of offline operations
  • Reduces survey costs, manpower, and infill
  • Makes previously unfeasible operations possible

To further enhance survey operations, Orca is tightly integrated with our marine acquisition systems to capture better seismic images more efficiently, while reducing HSE risk. Advanced capabilities include:

  • Feather prediction combined with automatic streamer steering improves feather matching and image quality while reducing infill and mitigating risks
  • Obstruction modeling enables safe passes around in-field obstacles
  • Line prioritization maximizes coverage and operational efficiency
  • Real-time repeatability delivers optimal 4D results
  • Near real-time processed data management shortens cycle time

Spectra command and control, Sprint navigation processing, and Reflex spatial binning and attribute analysis set new standards for efficient towed streamer operations over the last two decades. While still in use today, these systems are gradually being replaced by Orca, which includes and improves upon their features.