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Gator II Navigation System

Gator II Navigation SystemGator II navigation system is designed to meet the unique challenges of distributed, multi-vessel seabed, transition zone, and electromagnetic data acquisition. The system is extremely flexible and scalable to configure and control single vessel operations to highly complex surveys spanning multiple vessels and acquisition systems.

The new data management platform centralizes configuration and control survey-wide, providing a platform for advanced capabilities that enhance and streamline the seismic workflow:

  • Survey-wide control and visibility simplifies multi-vessel management
  • Consolidated configuration reduces manual data entry and error potential
  • Unified control enables flexible, efficient spread and positioning management
  • Advanced alarm-based diagnostics reduce risks and increase troubleshooting efficiency
  • Sophisticated Quality Control with user-defined thresholds ensure survey-wide Quality Assurance to meet specifications
  • Efficient data collation in customizable templates and flexible data formats provides consistent, automated reporting

Gator II is tightly integrated with 4Sea, ION's integrated ocean bottom technology platform, for better decision optimization and increased OBS productivity.

A Comprehensive Solution

ION provides a comprehensive software, hardware, and radio network solution:

  • Real Time Interface Unit (PowerRTNμ) - ensures events are synchronized survey-wide through GPS timestamps for unrivalled timing accuracy
  • Rugged Interface Unit (RIU) - new robust hardware option excels in high exposure environments
  • Reflex software - can be integrated for survey mapping, planning, and coverage analysis
  • Sprint software - can be incorporated to provide navigation processing and quality control