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Ocean Bottom Seismic Acquisition System

ION offers a complete portfolio of technologies for successful OBS operations, available as either the integrated 4Sea system or as individual components. Increase your efficiency, drive your productivity and improve QHSE with our comprehensive suite of OBS technologies.

OBS Acquisition Systems

  • Survey Planning - Optimize survey parameters with rapid simulation of multiple geophysical, financial, technical and operational scenarios with SimSurvey and MESA
  • SIMOPS - Situational awareness and simultaneous operational management
  • Back Deck - Fully automated for improved QHSE, high productivity with deploy and retrieve at 5 knots at sea state 6, using a modular and scalable design
  • Node - A four-component, small footprint node for efficient vessel utilization
  • Source Optimization - SailWing brings improved geophysics, improved HSE and operational efficiency
  • QA/QC - Common QC tools between acquisition and imaging
  • Imaging Engine - Database between acquisition, QC and imaging supporting optimized workflows
  • Data Hub/Command and Control - Integration engine and interface to all sub-systems, enabling rapid image delivery

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