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ION’s Optical Magnetic Heading Sensor

Patented and Proven Technology

Conventional flux gate heading sensors all share common limitations and challenges as they do not eliminate inaccuracies due to the changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. They also require re-calibration for each new project, or change in location, and some underperform in harsh marine conditions.

ION’s innovative model 321 Optical Magnetic Heading Sensor is the industry standard in the seismic exploration sector with an installed base of more than 70,000 units. It has a proven track record in harsh environments and all latitudes.  The 321 has been deployed in military, scientific, oil and gas and other commercial applications.

Key benefits:

  • Accurate, reliable measurements under a variety of marine operating conditions worldwide
  • Unique, magnetically-coupled optical encoder construction eliminates the need for in-theater re-calibration. ION’s compass can be used on multiple projects, and in multiple locations, without the need of re-calibration.
  • Proven history of 0.5 degree (or better) accuracy in many applications

ION’s Magnetic Observatory / Heading Calibration facility

ION will work with each customer on their requirements and their navigation challenges. We can simulate instrument performance in any magnetic environment worldwide at ION’s state-of-the-art Helmholtz lab. We can also model the performance of the 321 sensor within a vehicle and help you in your design and integration process.