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ION's Ventures group offers start-to-finish, integrated design and management of proprietary and multi-client 2D and 3D surveys - from survey design and planning, to acquisition project management, advanced processing services, and final image rendering.

Ventures is unique in that we outsource field acquisition to experienced seismic contractors, utilizing existing industry acquisition capacity while enabling us to focus on the most value-adding elements of the seismic program. Within a Ventures program, ION acts as project originator, ‘virtual contractor', and advanced imaging services provider.

BasinSPAN Programs

Since introducing our first project, GulfSPAN, nearly ten years ago, our SPAN programs have provided E&P companies with a superior alternative to traditional ‘spec' 2D data. BasinSPANs are geologically-inspired, basin-scale programs specially designed to help E&P companies assess the prospectivity of basins. Our data library has grown to include over 50 SPAN programs, delivering a total of over 250,000 kilometers of high-quality seismic data to E&P operators, exploring virtually all of the major frontier basins around the world.

ResSCAN Programs

ION's ResSCAN reservoir imaging and characterization programs, or ‘SCANS', provide E&P companies with the ability to better understand conventional and unconventional reservoirs of interest. SCANS are start-to-finish, 3D seismic data programs designed, acquired, and depth-imaged using the most advanced geophysical technology available. The enhanced imaging and seismic attribute analysis from these programs provide E&P companies the ability to evaluate and address key challenges associated with acreage assessment uncertainty, drilling plans, and well performance.