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Our Partners

Bulwark | www.bulwarkservices.com

Located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Bulwark Services Limited is a specialized and leading geoscience company that provides a range of services to the oil & gas industry for exploration, development, and production projects. Our partnership with Bulwark allows us to successfully navigate the local landscape, extend our operating footprint throughout West Africa, and offer advanced seismic services and expertise to E&P firms operating in Nigeria.

INOVA | www.inovageo.com

INOVA Geophysical Equipment Limited is a leading provider of land geophysical technology, including source and source-control systems, cabled and cableless land acquisition systems, and advanced seismic digital sensors. Managed as an independent company, INOVA is a joint venture owned 51% by BGP (a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation) and 49% by ION Geophysical Corporation.