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Optimization Software & Services

ION Concept SystemsION's Optimization Software & Services group has been the leading provider of real-time navigation and data management systems for the seismic industry for over 30 years. Our comprehensive suite of products addresses the navigation requirements of 2D, 3D, and 4D seismic surveys for both towed streamer and seabed seismic operations.  In addition, we provide operations software for ice management in and near ice, along with advanced survey planning and analysis software and acquisition services.

We have earned an international reputation for anticipating customer needs and providing tools that deliver dramatic efficiency improvements and operational cost savings in the highly competitive seismic acquisition market. As part of this effort, our cutting-edge survey design and optimization services ensure that the best balance of image quality for acquisition cost is assessed and then achieved in the field.

Products and services across the seismic workflow include:

ION is committed to our customers and provides 24-hour worldwide support. Our dedication to continuous development ensures that our customers not only have access to, but help define the latest advances in acquisition technology.