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Marine Imaging Systems

Marine SystemsION's Marine Imaging Systems group specializes in creating innovative technologies and services to help solve our customers' greatest imaging and operational challenges offshore. Whether for seabed or towed streamer seismic acquisition, our industry-leading systems and services acquire the highest quality data safely and efficiently. Our comprehensive set of offerings include:

As the industry's largest provider of marine seismic positioning and command and control systems, we deliver unique capabilities by combining the strengths of our technology into an integrated platform to acquire seismic data more intelligently, reducing the risk and cost of offshore exploration and production. We provide:

  • Superior data quality overcoming even the toughest geophysical challenges - whether imaging subtle geologic features, illuminating subsalt plays, revealing steeply dipping fractures, or mapping reservoir fluid movements.
  • Cutting-edge risk mitigation minimizing health, safety, and environmental concerns, even over highly obstructed producing fields.
  • Unrivaled efficiency significantly reducing acquisition costs and cycle time, with the potential to save millions while informing and fast-tracking asset decisions.