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Sensor GeophonesSince 1967, ION has been providing geophysicists worldwide with precision geophones for hydrocarbon exploration. Our geophones, cables, cases, connectors and strings are designed to work in every conceivable environment on earth: from the frozen tundra to the hottest deserts, and everywhere in between.

Through the development of the innovative SM-4 rotating coil geophone, ION became the preferred supplier to many key customers in the seismic industry. In addition to oil & gas exploration, ION geophones have many industrial applications and have been used in areas of machine vibration monitoring, security and high temperature borehole applications.

As a leading provider of sensor technology and an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, ION's devices group has access to the vast wealth of knowledge already acquired and developed. This valuable asset base, coupled with ION's own specialized skills and knowledge, provides an unmatched diversity of technologies and innovation.

Our devices group maintains production facilities and service support in The Netherlands, USA, India, Canada, China, Russia and the UK.