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Global Processing Centers

ION has teams of experts and strategic partners located throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, and China. The centers are a key component of our commitment to providing best-in-class technologies and support to our clients.

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Calgary, Canada

The Calgary center provides exceptional seismic imaging services including 3D anisotropic time and depth processing for conventional and unconventional reservoirs, the application of full-wave seismic imaging characterizing fractures in tight reservoir plays, and identifying lithology variations in oil sands.

Our Calgary and Denver centers are jointly managed to ensure the timely delivery of complex land imaging projects throughout North America.

Contact Information

P: +1 (403) 213 8796
P: +1 (403) 263 9139
F: +1 (403) 263 9132

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Houston, United States

Houston is ION's headquarters. By serving clients in this highly competitive market, our Houston center built its reputation for leadership in PreSDM and complex, subsalt imaging in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our Houston center now serves as a hub for global training and knowledge transfer across our other centers while continuing to deliver seismic images of the highest quality within the budget and timing constraints demanded by our customers. As pioneers of reverse time migration (RTM), we are committed to generating innovative solutions to the toughest imaging problems, whether offshore or onshore.

Contact Information P: +1 (713) 789 7250
F: +1 (713) 789 7201

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Our Trinidad center is set up to deliver our innovative technologies to the local energy industry. We have successfully introduced new technologies such as de-multiple, 3D surface-related multiple elimination (3D SRME), fold and thrust faulting, beam migration, and RTM that are providing enhanced resolution in this complex offshore and onshore environment.

The office is jointly managed with our Houston headquarters to ensure cohesive delivery of complex marine, land imaging projects, reservoir services, and multi-client seismic data.

Contact Information P: 868 624 9756
F: 868 624 0835

Rio de Janiero, Brazil

A joint venture with Brazilian energy consultancy Bratexco, this location began operating in early 2011 to provide advanced imaging services to E&P companies operating in the highly prospective basins off the coasts of Brazil and environs.

The center delivers a broad range of advanced seismic processing services with a particular focus on pre-salt imaging using RTM. The full scope of services includes data conditioning, noise attenuation and multiple suppression, velocity model building, and RTM.

Contact Information P: +55 21 3509 5420

Villahermosa, Mexico

Established in 2010, our Villahermosa center processes and interprets seismic data acquired on behalf of PEMEX, including in deepwater regions of the Gulf of Mexico, in highly complex sub-salt areas, and in onshore regions throughout Mexico.

The scope of services includes velocity model building and PreSDM including beam migration and RTM techniques. By establishing a local presence, ION will be able to closely collaborate with PEMEX counterparts in order to accelerate the interpretation of the imaging results and to rapidly identify new exploration and development drilling targets.

Contact Information P: 993 317 8559

Delhi, India

This new office is responding to the needs of the India market with in-country resources supported by our London and Houston hubs. With multi-national experience, our local crew work in collaboration with local geoscientists to provide integrated studies in key areas throughout the region.

The center provides a broad range of processing services including simultaneous inversion, forward modeling, and VSPs. The team's experience can also easily address technical solutions required within the proximal Middle East environments.

Contact Information

P: +91 124 4354083
F: +91 124 4354001

London, United Kingdom

Our London center specializes in regional marine, land, and OBC imaging for Europe, Africa, Middle East, India and Australia, and serves as a support center for our centers located in Europe, Russia, Egypt, Nigeria, Angola and India.

The center has over 40 processing geophysicists with advanced experience in the following areas: 3D multiple problems, high resolution tomographic model building, beam migration, marine 3D regularization, waveform inverstion (WFI), in addition to employing the full suite of high-end migration tools.

Contact Information P: +44 178 449 7630
F: +44 178 449 7640

Cairo, Egypt

In December 2011, ION acquired the majority of Guide Geoscience Technologies (GGT).

With increased hardware capacity and access to the company's state-of-the-art imaging technologies the Cairo center stands ready to establish itself as a premier seismic imaging provider in North Africa and the Middle East.

Contact Information P: 202 252 140 40
F: 202 251 631 99
Learn more about this center and the services they provide.

Luanda, Angola

Our Angola center was established to support oil & gas companies undertaking exploration programs in one of the most dynamic, hydrocarbon-rich environments in the world.

The center has access to ION’s outstanding technologies including the full suite of preprocessing tools including inter-bed multiple attenuation (IMA) and Kirchhoff, wave equation, and RTM imaging algorithms.

Contact Information P: 244 2 39 5251
F: 244 2 39 8255

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

In 2005, ION established its regional partnership with Bulwark Services Limited, a Nigerian-based seismic data processing company situated in the heart of Africa's oil industry.

The alliance has helped ION navigate the local landscape and extend its operating footprint throughout West Africa. Today, the center handles some of ION's most challenging data processing jobs in the region including extensive processing for our NigeriaSPAN program.

Contact Information P: 084-464461
F: 084-46446

Moscow, Russia

The Moscow data processing center is home to our alliance with LARGEO, an established and highly respected data processing firm in the Russian market. 

Bolstered by early success applying 3D SRME to a large scale project in the Black Sea, the partners are rapidly expanding their capabilities. With strong RTM and beam migration experience and extensive expertise with ION technologies, the Russian center is undertaking complex imaging projects, both offshore and onshore, in Russia and the surrounding regions.

Contact Information P: +7 (495) 933 09 49

F: +7 (495) 933 09 49
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