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Company Overview

ION has been a technology leader for 50 years with a strong history of innovation.  The company is publically listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker IO.  While ION’s traditional focus for its cutting-edge technology has been on the E&P industry, the company is now broadening and diversifying its business into relevant adjacent markets such as offshore logistics, military and marine robotics.  2017 revenues were $198M.

ION is headquartered in Houston, Texas with regional offices around the world.  Currently the company has approximately 500 employees, about half are in technical roles and a quarter have advanced degrees.


ION delivers the power of data-driven decision-making.

Decisions are increasingly complex with huge amounts of data to comprehend.  Companies capable of translating raw data into actionable insights gain a competitive edge and deliver superior returns.

That’s where ION excels.  Leveraging innovative technologies, ION creates value through data capture, analysis and optimization to enhance companies’ critical decision-making abilities and returns.  ION offerings are focused on improving E&P decision-making, enhancing reservoir management and optimizing offshore operations. 

Business Segments and Offerings

ION is organized into three business segments. 

  • E&P Technology and Services creates digital data assets and delivers services that improve decision-making, mitigate risk and maximize portfolio value for E&P companies.
    • Imaging Services combines leading technologies and experience to maximize image quality, delivering enhanced subsurface characterization. They develop complex algorithms to translate raw data into subsurface images.
    • E&P Advisors provide technical, commercial and strategic advice to host governments, E&P companies or private equity firms to evaluate and market oil and gas opportunities and/or assets world-wide, sharing in the value we create.
    • Ventures leverages the world-class geoscience skills of both the Imaging Services and E&P Advisors groups to create global digital data assets that are licensed to multiple E&P companies to optimize their investment decisions. The global data library consists of over 550,000 km of 2D and over 165,000 sq km of 3D multi-client seismic data in virtually all major offshore petroleum provinces.
  • Operations Optimization develops mission-critical subscription offerings and engineering services that enable operational control and optimization offshore.
    • Software offerings leverage a leading data integration platform to control and optimize operations in real-time.
    • Devices develops intelligent equipment controlled by our software to optimize operations.
    • Engineering Services experts deliver in-field optimization services, equipment maintenance and training to maximize value from our offerings.

Ocean Bottom Integrated Technologies integrates a variety of ION’s advanced technologies to accelerate data capture and delivery.  This information enables E&P companies to enhance their reservoir decision-making and improve their returns.  4Sea is a next generation fully integrated ocean bottom nodal system designed to deliver a step change in economics, image quality, QHSE and final data delivery time.