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About ION

ION is a leading provider of technology-driven geoscience solutions to the global oil & gas industry.  Our offerings are designed to help companies reduce risk and optimize assets throughout the Exploration and Production (E&P) lifecycle.

Our Offerings 

  • Integrated Geoscience Programs - Full-scope 2D and 3D multi-client and proprietary programs, including survey design and planning, data acquisition, project management, advanced processing and imaging services, reservoir characterization, and interpretation 
  • Seismic Data Libraries - Global BasinSPAN library consisting of approximately 400,000 km of basin-wide, deep, geologically-driven 2D multi-client seismic data in virtually all major offshore petroleum provinces. 3D ResSCAN onshore imaging, characterization and microseismic monitoring programs 
  • Imaging Services – With one of the most technologically advanced seismic imaging teams in the industry, we tackle complex imaging projects, applying advanced imaging techniques, including data conditioning, pre-stack depth migration (PreSDM), ray and wave-based model building, high frequency reverse time migration (RTM), Least Squares RTM, Kirchhoff, Beam and Q migration, and more
  • E&P Advisors - Our geoscientists offer extensive global experience to deliver full-value-chain commercial and technical solutions to the oil industry worldwide, including basin-scale, regional geological analysis, prospectivity evaluation, portfolio management, conventional and unconventional development and production consulting, reservoir characterization, and government and license round support and management.
  • Optimization Software and Services - Leading provider of navigation systems for offshore seismic acquisition through Gator and ORCA, as well as survey design software, through MESA. In addition, we offer seismic survey planning and optimization services for 2D, 3D and 4D surveys, for both towed streamer and ocean bottom environments. Our newest software offerings, Narwhal and Marlin, provide seismic contractors and E&P operators with the situational awareness for simultaneous operations.
  • Ocean Bottom Services - With the addition of our ocean bottom seismic acquisition company OceanGeo, we provide a full suite of ocean bottom seismic services, including survey design, planning and optimization, data acquisition, processing and interpretation, and reservoir characterization
  • Seismic Data Acquisition Equipment - Seismic imaging systems for both towed streamer and ocean bottom seismic acquisition including towed streamer positioning and control systems, streamer acquisition systems, and ocean bottom cable acquisition systems, including industry-leading Calypso and VSO systems