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Survey Planning & Optimization Services

ION's survey design experts plan seismic surveys that maximize seismic image quality, operational efficiency, and safety, while ensuring that the recorded seismic energy will accurately image the target.

When planning a seismic survey, there are many factors that influence and inform decision-making at all stages of the process. By modeling multiple acquisition scenarios, our design professionals recommend the tools and techniques to deliver the best images as cost effectively as possible.

Our Services Include

  • Design and planning for 4D surveys – Incorporates comprehensive geometry design and detailed analysis of configuration options with preplots and survey duration estimates
  • Baseline data analysis – Ensures the baseline data set is complete and accurate, forming the groundwork for additional analysis
  • Survey design analysis – Identifies potential acquisition swaths, taking into consideration acquisition type, configuration, techniques, etc., to later analyze with predicted ocean conditions
  • Detailed feather analysis – Analyzes historical data sets to identify ocean current trends to predict feather and feather-match quality for improved coverage and efficient acquisition
  • Scenario modeling and repeatability analysis – Analyzes potential acquisition swaths with predicted feather to determine the sail line kilometers, coverage, and repeatability quality that would be achieved
  • Obstruction modeling – Analyzes level of data quality that can be achieved in obstructed areas and whether alternative undershoot strategies are required
  • Survey plan – Supplies preplot files for the navigation system to execute the agreed upon survey plan that best meets image quality, priorities, and ocean conditions within budget. Includes sail lines, source and target feather for single and dual vessel preplots, timelines, and priorities