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Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific region contains essential petroleum system elements; yet little is known about the composition of the petroleum systems and the architecture of its frontier basins.

To enable E&P operators to better understand the petroleum systems in the offshore Asia Pacific region, ION's GeoVentures team of experts developed a series of seismic data library programs in the area. With upwards of 25,000 km of seismic data, these programs offer:

  • Advanced understanding of current plays and their regional settings
  • Insight into source-rock distribution and migration pathways
  • Crucial data for E&P companies seeking to evaluate hydrocarbon prospects and build potential for frontier areas

Asia Pacific Seismic Data Programs

  • ArafuraSPAN - the Arafura Sea from Seram around the Banda/Tanimbar Arch into offshore northern Australia (~7,000 km)
  • BightSPAN - southern Australia's Ceduna Sub-basin and Bight Basin (~5,000 km)
  • JavaSPAN - Madura Island, East Java to south of Sulawesi and north into the Makassar Straits (~10,000 km)
  • NatunaSPAN - East Natuna Basin across to West Natuna (~2,500 km)