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Northeast GreenlandSPAN

With reserve estimates of 8.5 billion BOE, 80.4 trillion cf of gas, and 8.5 bb of natural gas liquids, the region of northeast Greenland is very attractive to E&P companies. However, the area's polar ice makes imaging notoriously difficult.

Utilizing ION's Intelligent Acquisition [IA] marine towed streamer technologies, we were the first to successfully image under the polar ice in this challenging environment. Designed to deliver insight into the regional framework of northeast Greenland, ION acquired Northeast GreenlandSPAN, covering the south Danmarkshavn Basin, Thetis Basin, and the northern section of the northeast Greenland Volcanic Province. Phases I and II of the program consist of approximately 18,000 km of long offset, 2D seismic data.

Program Objectives

  • Deliver an accurate and more comprehensive understanding of the geologic structure of the Greater East Greenland Rift Basins Province
  • Provide significant aperture and illumination when combined with the appropriate imaging tools to reveal how the complex basin tectonics are controlling the potential petroleum system

Key Components

  • Program design and layout are driven by known geology and client input to provide a consistent seismic regional framework that ties into existing seismic lines
  • 18-second records, 8,000 m cable
  • Specially designed acquisition technique to record underneath expected ice
  • Integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation
  • Improved understanding of key geologic features, placing them in a basin-wide context