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Beaufort East Potential Fields Program

Beaufort East Potential Fields Program

The Beaufort-MacKenzie Basin, located in Arctic Canada, is a petroliferous province in relatively early stages of exploration. To better characterize the potential of the promising region west of Banks Island, ION created the Beaufort East Potential Fields Program, an airborne magnetic survey.

The program covers approximately 225,000 km2, running from Bailey Point in the south to west of Prince Patrick Island in the north. Survey lines were flown on a 3 km traverse line and 12 km tie line grid.

Program Objectives

  • Deliver an accurate and more comprehensive understanding of the geologic structure of the Western Canadian Arctic Island area
  • Provide a regional framework that spans the area from west of Banks Island to the Southern Sverdrup Basin

Key Components

  • Program design and layout are driven by known geology and client input providing a consistent seismic regional framework that ties into existing seismic lines