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BeaufortSPAN East

Exploration in the Beaufort-MacKenzie Basin, located in the Canadian Arctic, has resulted in significant oil and gas discoveries over the past three decades. But the undiscovered estimates are what is truly promising. Undiscovered resources are currently estimated at 14.5 billion BOE and 86.6 trillion cf of gas.

Designed to deliver an accurate understanding of the geologic setting of the MacKenzie Delta, Beaufort Passive and the Banks Island Basin area, BeaufortSPAN East comprises close to 23,000 km of multi-client 2D seismic data. Acquired in four phases, Phase I was completed in 2006 and Phases II, III and IV were completed in 2007-09, making this program the only survey of its kind available in this prospective region. The results have sparked a new round of exploration.

Program Objectives

  • Deliver an accurate and more comprehensive understanding of the geologic structure of the greater MacKenzie Delta area
  • Provide a regional 2D seismic framework that spans the area from west of David/Banks Island to the Canadian/U.S. boundary
  • Reveal how the complex basin tectonics are controlled by the Mesozoic and older structures and Tertiary deformation of the Brooks Range-Cordilleran Orogen

Key Components

  • Program design and layout are driven by known geology and client input providing a consistent seismic regional framework that ties into existing seismic lines
  • 18-second records, 9,000 m cable
  • Integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation
  • Improved understanding of key geologic features, placing them in a basin-wide context
  • Applies technical specifications to the acquisition, processing and depth imaging of the seismic data

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