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Many of the international oil & gas companies are increasing their activity levels in the West Africa deepwater basins. EquatorSPAN is a 2D seismic program set in the equatorial Atlantic margin offshore Cameroon and northern Gabon. The program is comprised of approximately 4,400 km of new data and uncovers the tectonic architecture of the West African Gulf of Guinea margin.

Program Objectives

  • Understand the crustal architecture of West Africa's Atlantic margin in order to promote the unrealized hydrocarbon potential of the region
  • Improve understanding of basin formation in the region
  • Map the lateral extent of salt, transform faults and the mini-basins along their boundaries
  • Solve issues related to hydrocarbon expulsion and timing and the thickness of cretaceous units elemental to the development of new hydrocarbon concepts

Key Components

  • Program includes long, 10,000 m offsets and 18-second record length
  • Data in northern Gabon (2,700 km) reveals the rift architecture and very good potential in the mini basins of the north
  • Data in Cameroon (1,700 km) shows significantly improved imaging and stratigraphic detail
  • Widespread presence of key hydrocarbon indicators are seen in the data showing high potential for deeper discoveries

For more information and full-participation deliverables, view the EquatorSPAN Data Sheet.

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