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CongoSPAN consists of a two phase set offshore Congo, Angola, and Gabon. Totaling over 27,000 km of acquired data, these regional 2D seismic studies provide a dip and strike structural grid related to the major features of the Aptian Salt Basin.

Program Objectives

CongoSPAN I:

  • Provide greater insight into the post and pre-salt potential
  • Identify new petroleum systems
  • Build a foundation for crustal understanding of the margin


  • Provide mapping for risk reduction and improve development in CongoSPAN I
  • Provide advanced analysis of features and petroleum potential of plays
  • identified in CongoSPAN I
  • Improve our understanding of the paleo-tectonics of the region

Key Components

  • Data acquisition using 10,000 m offsets and 18-second record length
  • Provides understanding of post and pre-salt hydrocarbon potential
  • Establishes a foundation for crustal understanding of the margin
  • Reveals new plays and promising potential in the margin
  • Provides an improved understanding of the basement architecture of the region

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