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Africa's Hydrocarbon Potential

Since the year 2000, approximately one third of new oil discoveries have been made in Africa. These new discoveries offer much promise in a region not previously recognized for hydrocarbons.

To enable E&P operators to better understand the petroleum systems off the western and eastern coasts of Africa, ION's GeoVentures group developed a series of integrated seismic programs collectively known as AfricaSPAN. With over 58,000 km of seismic data these programs offer:

  • Advanced understanding of current plays and their regional settings
  • Insight into source rock distribution and migration pathways
  • Crucial data to E&P companies who seek to evaluate hydrocarbon prospects and build potential for new and frontier areas

AfricaSPAN Programs

  • CongoSPAN I and II - Two-phased study of offshore Angola, Congo and Gabon (~27,000 km)
  • East AfricaSPAN - offshore Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles and Mozambique (~20,000 km)
  • EquatorSPAN - offshore Cameroon and Northern Gabon (~4,400 km)
  • NigeriaSPAN - Gulf of Guinea (~5,000 km); Republic of Nigeria ~4,500 km

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