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Europe & Middle East

Historically, Europe and the Middle East have lacked high quality and contiguous regional seismic data. In response to customer demand for improved understanding of the geologic evolution and basin architecture of these regions, ION's GeoVentures team have designed unique programs in Europe & the Middle East, providing the big picture view that is necessary to make exploration decisions.

With over 12,000 km of seismic data, these programs offer:

  • Advanced understanding of current plays and their regional settings
  • Insight into source rock distribution and migration pathways
  • Crucial data to E&P companies who seek to evaluate hydrocarbon prospects and build potential for new and frontier areas

Europe & the Middle East Seismic Data Programs

  • Northeast AtlanticSPAN - Porcupine Basin in southwest Ireland through the Rockall Basin, the Faroes and Shetland Islands and into the Norway Sector (~7,200 km)
  • PolandSPAN - Onshore northern and eastern Poland (~2,200 km)