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The hydrocarbon basins offshore Peru are showing great potential. Over the past several years there have been significant finds in the region and E&P companies are in need of an enhanced view of the reservoirs in this area.

In response, ION developed PeruSPAN, which is a three-phase program to acquire multi-client, 2D seismic data offshore Peru. Phase I of the program covers the entire coastline of Peru, from the Ecuadorian border in the north to the Mollendo Basin in the south. This phase of the program has more than 6,600 km of seismic data.

Phase II of the program enlarges the scope of Phase I, with an additional 6,800 km of seismic data.
Phase III provides an additional 1,900 km of data and extends the survey in various key areas.

Program Objectives

  • Provide a unique and consistent dataset extending from the shelf to deep water and shallow to basement imaging, thus creating a regional stratigraphic framework
  • Improve regional understanding of the region's tectonics as well as new and existing play types
  • Improve understanding of depositional fairways that facilitates basin-wide stratigraphic correlation

Key Components

  • The only contiguous survey of the Peruvian margin from the Tumbes to the Mollendo Basin
  • Program design and physical survey layout driven by regional geology with acquisitions targeting the identification of new and existing play types within a continuous seismic framework
  • Unprecedented deep focus acquisition parameters - 9,000 m cable, 18-second record length and a specially designed, large volume source with deep tow configuration to maximize the quality of data and to facilitate geologic correlation
  • Integrated geologic and geophysical interpretation providing a consistent regional framework for tying in wells and existing seismic lines with key geologic features in a basin-wide framework

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