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The Niobrara is a structurally complex reservoir that needs high-quality, wide-azimuth imaging to fully understand it's potential. Difficult topography and environmental concerns characterize the region and pose an obstacle in acquiring new data.

ION's NiobraraSCAN, comprised of the Durham Ranch 3D multi-client seismic survey, is located in Moffat County, Colorado (near Craig). The program is approximately 26 square miles and was acquired using INOVA's advanced full-wave cableless land recording system, FireFly. FireFly's cableless, stakeless approach ensured the requirements for both speed and environmental sensitivity were met. The survey includes densely-sampled, 3C seismic data to better characterize the highly variable and highly fractured Niobrara Formation.

Program Objectives

  • Build comprehensive basin model to aid in determining hydrocarbon maturation, heat flow modeling, and structural/tectonic evolution
  • Establish total sediment thickness and regional stratigraphic framework
  • Tie key wells in the region

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