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Seismic Survey Design, Planning and Acquisition Services

Survey design and planning is the foundation of every acquisition project. ION is a leading provider of survey design software and services for all seismic data acquisition environments, including land, marine and transition zone, as well as challenging applications, such as full-wave and 4D.

MESA Survey Design Software

Our software and services are provided by two of the most respected names in seismic survey design and planning: Concept Systems and Green Mountain Geophysics. With robust software packages and survey design analysis solutions, we provide geophysicists with the tools and expertise to effectively design, model, plan and execute even the most complex seismic surveys.

Concept Systems – The Acquisition Specialists

  • Survey design and feasibility studies – Model and evaluate various acquisition scenarios for ideal target coverage while minimizing acquisition costs and risks
  • Field Acquisition Specialists – Work with clients offshore to optimize surveys in real-time, achieving the survey plan and objectives in the safest, most efficient manner

MESA - Acquisition Survey Design and 3D Modeling

  • Multiple levels of functionality - Field, Professional and Expert packages provide everything from basic 3D design through to model-based ray-tracing for comprehensive design attribute analysis
  • Survey design and subsurface analysis - 3D/3C and VSP surveys, geologic modeling, ray tracing, and illumination analysis