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Marlin For Enhanced Situational Awareness & SIMOPS

No matter the phase of an asset’s lifecycle, E&P operations surrounding the exploration, appraisal, development, and production of an offshore asset are complex. The challenge each operator faces is managing the operational risks associated with various operations (subsea construction, diving, tanker loading, seismic acquisition, etc.) while delivering on target objectives.

To effectively manage operations, an operator requires “situational awareness.” In the case of simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) during a seismic survey, there may be specific awareness requirements due to the extensive spatial access required by these operations. Examples include: avoiding collisions with the streamer array and providing adequate subsurface coverage while managing diving operations during close passes, etc.

Situational Awareness for Offshore Operations

Marlin for seismic simultaneous operations provides situational awareness to Offshore Installation Managers (OIMs) and seismic contractors by comprehending the acquisition plan in the context of simultaneous operations. As a result, E&P companies are able to:

  • Improve operational efficiencies 
  • Minimize HSE risk 
  • Recoup some of “the costs of doing business” 

Survey design optimized for time sharing required in the survey areaMarlin allows stakeholders to visualize and understand the situation in real-time, understand what is planned in the future, and determine the best sequence of events, e.g. lines to shoot, in order to complete interdependent operations safely and efficiently. Marlin can help identify conflicts so they may be addressed proactively, avoiding delayed or canceled operations, minimizing standby time, and reducing the costs of doing business.