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Seabed Data Acquisition Systems

Redeployable SeabedOil & gas companies are increasingly employing seabed seismic programs to maximize recovery from reserves that are challenging to access or image. ION provides a comprehensive portfolio of seabed technology and services to achieve the toughest geophysical objectives.

With experience on over 50 full-wave surveys world-wide, ION experts challenge conventions, bringing together innovative ideas and technologies to help you achieve your goals. ION seabed acquisition systems enable you to:

  • Record dense, full-wave (multicomponent) data for superior imaging
  • Decrease cycle time, providing more timely information for effective asset management
  • Reduce health, safety, and environmental (HSE) exposure

Whether deployed temporarily or permanently, ION seabed technology combines the highest resolution imaging with safe, efficient operations in typically congested and obstructed survey areas.

Advanced Seabed Acquisition Technologies and Services

Since its initial deployment in 2004, our seabed technology has delivered the highest resolution imaging in the North Sea, Caspian Sea, offshore West Africa and Brazil, Gulf of Mexico, and the Arabian Gulf.