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E&P Advisors

ION E&P Advisors partner with E&P operators, energy industry regulators and capital institutions to capture and monetize E&P opportunities worldwide. We provide technical, commercial and strategic advice across the exploration & production value chain, working at basin, prospect and field scales.

Upstream technical, commercial and strategic advice and partnerships

  • Technical depth 
  • Commercial and strategic expertise 
  • Global reach 
  • Partnership approach 
  • Flexible commercial models 
  • Full access to ION data and technology 

E&P Advisors couple ION’s proven technical capabilities with the industry’s best commercial and strategic minds to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions. We employ a variety of commercial models specific to our partners’ needs. From simple fee-based structures to risk-based equity stakes, we craft a commercial model to maximize the probability of commercial success.

ION's staff and leadership team are experienced in virtually every petroleum province in the world. We leverage our global workforce and unparalleled seismic database to create value in everything we do. For further information contact advisors@iongeo.com.