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The Picanha Program

Picanha Program: 100,000 sq km in pre-salt area

Regional 3D Velocity Cube derived from
BrasilSPAN data Dimensions 1,125Kms x 1,125Kms

ION’s Picanha program seamlessly integrates over 100,000 sq km of 3D data spanning more than 50 surveys, delivering a comprehensive view of the pre-salt polygon in the Santos and Campos basins. Picanha provides a single, consistent regional 3D volume based on the basin-wide framework of over 74,000 km of BrasilSPAN 2D regional data, coupled with ION’s extensive regional processing experience in Brazil.

This 3D program builds on the experience gained from ION’s recent Campeche 3D reimaging program in Mexico that provided significant image quality uplift in an unprecedented turnaround time.  ION’s regional geologic knowledge and extensive local imaging experience combined with new accelerated processing workflows enabled us to reprocess the initial phase of Campeche North consisting of 42,000 sq km of data covering 9 surveys in just 4.5 months.