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About ION

Since our founding over 40 years ago as a manufacturer of land seismic equipment, ION has evolved to become a leading provider of advanced, integrated geophysical solutions that help oil & gas companies and seismic contractors overcome their greatest imaging and operational challenges.

Proven Innovators

ION has a rich history of innovation. We were the first to commercialize MEMS digital sensors, cableless acquisition technology using digital sensors, and the first to make streamer steering technology available industry wide. Our streamer positioning systems and command and control software have become the industry standards aboard marine seismic vessels. We were at the forefront of multicomponent, wide-azimuth acquisition and processing, and the first to make Reverse Time Migration available on a commercial scale. And since 2002, our BasinSPANS seismic data libraries have provided E&P companies a superior alternative to traditional 2D spec data.

Unique Business Model

First and foremost, we are a technology company driven to develop and apply proven, innovative technologies and services to help our clients find and produce hydrocarbons as safely and efficiently as possible. Our strategy is to participate in the highest value of all aspects of the geophysical cycle - planning, acquisition, processing and interpretation. Rather than investing in our own crews, we utilize third-party contractors for data acquisition on our new venture projects, freeing up our capital to invest in our greatest assets - our people and technologies.

Answers across the E&P Lifecycle

Whether you are sizing up the prospectivity of a frontier basin or working to extract maximum value from a mature reservoir, our team of experienced problem solvers can help you meet your objectives. Our areas of expertise include:

One Company One Mission

From our beginnings as a manufacturing company, we have dramatically expanded both our portfolio of offerings and our global footprint. We have some of the brightest minds in the industry, operating from over twenty locations around the world. And while we've grown through acquisition of leading brands, we are one company with a singular mission. ION. Charged to innovate. Driven to solve.